1How can I buy Mad King Cards?
Head on to our Kickstarter campaign and back us now to receive your own Mad King
2How many players does the game support
2 to 8 players can play with each deck. You can mix multiple decks together to increase the number of players.
3What is the age range
Mad King is meant for ages 7 and up. The exquisitely illustrated cards are safe for work and child friendly.
4How long does it take to learn and play
Learning takes just a few minutes. Instructions are written on the rules card. When you play each round lasts between 2-8 minutes. Shake things up by adding your own challenges.
5What size are the cards?
Our high quality playing cards are 2,7 x 3,5 inches or 6,9x8,9 cm and are printed by NSF Games. They are slightly larger than your regular poker deck
6Will there be more characters added along the way
We are considering adding more characters based on your suggestions! So send us a message, tag us on Facebook and use #madkingcards
7What do I need to do to get a Character based on my good looks
By winning the challenge quest, all you need to do to be able to submit your idea is back our project and post your challenge idea on Facebook the most creative challenge will get: 1. Played out by our team filmed and put on youtube for the world to see 2. You get to name your own character 3. Decide what the character looks like, whether it be you or someone you know 4. Your name will be immortalized on our rule card where your challenge will be suggested 5. Get your own personalized deck (with your own character)
8Where can I buy Mad King Merchandise
You can buy the merchandise on our website: Check out our store where we will put new merch soon.
9I backed the kickstarter campaign, where is my Mad King
You will receive a shipping confirmation from our shipping partners at Asendia. If you have not received or cannot find your shipping confirmation email: support@madkingcards.com Include your name and the phrase ¨who has the mad king¨ in the subject line of your email so we can find your mad king.
10I need a replacement card! Can I get one
Lost a Noble Lady, Did the guard fall asleep in a spot and you cant remember where, or did the cook drown in a shot of tequala after a great night out with friends. No worries! Just send us a stamped, self adressed envelope with a description of your damaged/lost card to our address below. We will replace it. Be sure to tell us which card you need for example ¨the guard¨ and your email address so we can ensure your cards safe delivery.